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July, August and September Newsletter 19th August 2017 Colin Tebb

July, August and September 2017

Q3 Newsletter

I sit here writing this quarters newsletter, having just finished Military and Flying Machines 2017, this was the 11th year of the Military and Flying Machines show, the third year running the event as the Essex HMVA, and our first at Maldon.

I have to say thank you to everyone who has been so positive about the show, it's always a risk moving to a new venue, but with everyone's support we have had one of the best shows yet which was universally well received. The Essex HMVA continues to have a regular influx of membership enquiries and new members. We're also pleased that we are getting many requests to support events not just in the Essex area, but also further afield. We are also actively supporting the 7th Rifles at their recruitment events. As new members, with or without vehicles, if you want to get involved or have a skill which you feel could be beneficial in supporting the show or an event or even helping others with their restorations or charity business, even providing an article or information for the Olive Drab Magazine, please contact me or one of the trustees, any support and assistance is most welcome and you may well find you get more out of being a member as well.

This year has seen a number of shows show season now and members have already attended a number of events this year, from small, local village fetes to some of the largest military shows in the UK. One of the most enjoyable for me was the Maldon Car show where we were given an excellent position and had lots of interest in the display and good weather! Our members often receive requests for risk assessments when booking into events, and to assist them we have created a generic risk assessment and Health and Safety Statement for our members, which is available, free of charge, for their use.

On a similar vein, it's worth checking that your public liability insurance covers displays or accidents arising from them (as many do not), so, whilst your vehicle may be covered, an incident arising, (for example), from someone tripping over part of your display and injuring themselves may not be. The Essex HMVA has secured cover for this type of incident, and more details can be provided to members on request. Not all vehicle groups provide this.

Essex HMVA Website

Russell and David have been busy since the end of Military and Flying Machines 2017 updating the Essex HMVA website and including pictures of members vehicles and collections - if you would like to appear here, please contact them at: Essex HMVA website editors, sending them pictures of your collections and a description where appropriate. This is a chance to let others see about your passion, and I would encourage everyone to do so.

Olive Drab Magazine

I'm pleased to see how the Olive Drab magazine is developing and I would encourage all members to look at our Quarterly E-Magazine if you haven't already done so, this quarter features a review of the Royal Engineers Museum in Kent, as well as some more off beat articles such as the Pets at war and the Ministry of Information during wartime. Looking forwards, I'm told that the next issue will feature a number of photos from Military and Flying Machines 2017, as well as a truely fascinating article about Plessey's secret underground factory during WWII - It's certainly something to look forwards to.

Military and Flying Machines 2017

Now that the show is over, I can reveal that we had some late breaking problems - on Friday, the day before the show it was looking as if the Spitfire would be unable to attend due to issues with the CAA paperwork

My thanks go out to our Russell Pacy as well as the Pilot Dan Griffiths and the CAA. Russ worked with both Dan Griffiths as well as the CAA in pulling out all the stops and granting us clearance in record time for the flypast, and Dan's display was very well received by everyone who saw it. In addition Russ provided the 'HQ' support answering queries from all and sundry about the show while we were all in the field. I think it's also worth mentioning the team had to generate a 140 page management plan in quick time to satisfy the Essex Safety Advisory Group requirements which were different from the previous Council requirements we had worked to.

It's amazing the power that the spitfire has to capture people's attention, looking at the show ground you could see everyone stop dead to watch the spitfire overhead and everyone was transfixed until the end of Dan's display. Vehicle wise the show was well attended, with hundreds of vehicles and some fantastic tanks in attendance representing the heavier side of the hobby, Thanks to all who came both as exhibitors, reenactors, stall holders or members of the Essex HMVA.

Something of a first for us was the interest shown by the local authorities representatives with a fairly steady stream of councillors the Mayor of Maldon and the Maldon MP and Ex Minister for Culture and Heritage visiting the show. The feedback from all was extremely positive and they have asked for discussions of support for future events.

A number of people have already asked us when Military and Flying machines 2018 will be - we are hoping to hold it on the 11th and 12th of August 2018, but this is dependent on the landowner's approval and at the moment this date is only provisional - as soon as we are able to confirm it, we will post it on our web sites, Twitter and Facebook pages.


A general note to vehicle owners, I often get requests for vehicles to take part in film work. When I am asked if we, can supply vehicles it's usually at short notice. So, if I do approach you with regards to film work I would appreciate a speedy answer in order that we can either supply a vehicle or I can ask someone else. Doing film work can be a great experience and you never know who you are going to meet!

(This also goes for other requests we often get for vehicles for weddings, school leaving days, 40's parties and even funerals.)

To those people who request a vehicle for these types of activity, can I ask you to bear with us and we will do our best to fulfil your request if we can. However, please consider this is our hobby and the vehicles are the owners pride and joy, valuable, not cheap to run and if you want something like a tank it's expensive!


Currently the Barn is full, however there may be some movement soon, so if you have an interest in storing your vehicle there, please let us know.


We have had several new shows added to the events list so I recommend you go to, where you can see the latest info on up and coming events

Likewise, if you are an event organiser, please use our contact us form to enter your event details so we can add it to our web site in order that our members can see it.

Finally, I would like to once again welcome the many new members how have joined both before and during the show, and also offer a sincere thank you to all the members who have chosen to renew for a further year.

Colin Tebb
Essex HMVA Chairman