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Essex HMVA


Welcome to our projects page. This page is all about the other activities we do outside of running events. These projects are often funded from small internal grants paid for by the Essex HMVA to the project, but we are always seeking donations for projects and if you would like to donate to them directly, please get in touch.

Donated Jeep

- 'Esther'

A picture of 'Esther' before any work has been undertaken It’s not every day we got offered the use of a Jeep, but the widow of the previous owner has just done exactly that. The Essex HMVA are being loaned a jeep for use for events and to bring the Essex HMVA to a wider audience as well as a fitting tribute to the past owner. The vehicle in question is a 1943 British Airborne model which are most famously depicted in films such as ‘A Bridge Too Far’, that it so happens this vehicle appeared in. It’s first showing was at the Echoes of History Show 2022, but we kept it low key as at the time we were still uncertain if it would make it there. Since then, we have been working on some repairs and maintenance, and with the assistance of JeepPartsUK and we have secured insurance through kind sponsorship of One Broker Insurance Brokers for members to be able to drive it, (though there are some restrictions on age), but still it can offer members a chance to drive it to events or go along as a passenger.

It is something we are committed longer terms to include those who are unable to have a vehicle. The adaptations for British use are quite interesting in themselves with Jerry can holders and rifle clips in strange places, a removable steering wheel and this also has stretcher holders as well as a rear ‘A’ frame for towing. The British armed forces received up to 80 000 jeeps under the lend lease programme, and many of those survived long into the post war years.“Esther” (as we call her) hopefully should make her appearance at future events including the “Winter Gathering”.

Nearby to the barn is a quiet lane and we could not resist taking a photo in such a setting with the trees, taken in black and white. We will update this page with fututure news and photos as our project progresses.