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November / December Newsletter 20th November 2013 Colin Tebb

November and December 2013


Hi All


With the show season now over, bar the shouting, I have to say that I think this year was a good one, I certainly attended more events including some new ones, than I have for the last couple of years. As did many members who were out and about many weekends this year.

The last two events we attended, both ???firsts??? were ???the Lawns??? near Rochford Southend, 40???s weekend and the Chelmsford Industrial museum open day.

The Rochford event was held at the specific request of the owners whose house and land was used during the war as a hospital. While the weather was not great we did get a large crowd in attendance with lots of interest in the displays and vehicles, including Mike who drove his tank there, always a good site to see it driving through the local High Street. With a lot of members vehicles and displays along with lots of attractions and events going on it was a great day.

The Chelmsford Museum was a smaller, lower key event, but still we had a lot of interest, particularly from the ex-Marconi people who were interested in our WW2 wireless displays. We also received a nice thank you letter as well.


A general note to vehicle owners, I often get requests for vehicles to take part in film work. When I am asked if we, as an Area can supply vehicles it's usually at short notice. So if I do approach you with regards to film work I would really appreciate a speedy answer in order that we can either supply a vehicle or I can ask someone else. Recently, I had a request for a military Land Rover (a simple request you would have thought) - after asking several people (none of whom came back to me), we were unfortunately unable to fulfil the requirement, which is a shame as I am sure someone out there with their Landy would have loved to do it. Doing film work can be a great experience and you never know who you are going to meet!

(This also goes for other requests we often get for vehicles for weddings, school leaving days, 40's parties and even funerals.)

To those people who request a vehicle for these types of activity, can I ask you to bear with us and we will do our best to fulfil your request if we can. However, please take into account this is our hobby and the vehicles are the owners pride and joy, valuable, not cheap to run and if you want something like a tank it's expensive!


Well, the working parties and all the effort by members paid off! We had a brilliantly successful show and yet again we were up on exhibitors with over four hundred vehicles in attendance and more than 70 living history groups. We???re already receiving bookings and enquiries for the 2014 event, including some things that are a bit special!

We would like to thank you for all the great compliments we have received about the show.

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Currently the Barn is full, however there may be some movement in the near future, so if you have an interest in storing your vehicle there, please let us know.


For info on the Winter Gathering please look at our web site events page which will be updated as soon as we have more information.

I recommend you go to, where you can see the latest info on up and coming events

Likewise, if you are an event organiser, please use our contact us form to enter your event details so we can add it to our web site in order that our members can see it.

Colin Tebb
Essex HMVA Chairman