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The Essex


The Essex Historic Military Vehicle Association exists so that the public are better able to understand the significant role that Historic Military Vehicles have played in our world and remember those who constructed, used and maintained them.

Although our aims are varied, they can be summarised as follows:

  • The preservation and restoration of Historic Military Vehicles, Armour, Artillery and associated equipment, documents and artefacts. This is an important part of our association’s activities and is run in a manner similar to that carried out by established museums. The association runs a storage facility which enables members to carry out conservation and restoration, for some members these activities are carried out at their home … regardless of where this activity occurs, these artefacts are ultimately prepared for display to the public. Many important items would have disappeared forever, were it not for the dedication of the association. It is hoped one day to secure premises for a permanent museum facility. Membership of the charity is open to any individual interested in promoting the objects of the charitable incorporated organisation, subject to approval by the Trustees. The Trustees may establish different classes of membership and prescribe their respective privileges and duties and set the amounts of any subscriptions.

  • The association firmly believes in interaction with the public. This could be at a place of learning, at public shows, at a specially organised event or at a remembrance ceremony. A living history scenario is particularly pertinent as it brings to life visually what the experiences of the past were like, the public are able to experience in an interactive “hands-on” manner the full range of our collections.

  • Our showcase event is the Echoes of History Show, where we bring the past alive.

This is an event designed to stimulate and educate, as well as reflect on the memories of those people who used these preserved collections as part of their everyday lives, in many cases to protect the freedom we enjoy today. On many occasions, members of the public are able to better understand how their family members interacted with the objects they see, whether it be a 30 Ton tank that their mother helped to build, or the lorry their great grandfather drove in Flanders during World War 1.

Whatever it might be, our aim is to preserve the past for future generations.