Essex HMVA - 2013 Show Reports

Rayleigh Armed Forces Day

We'd booked to attend this show at least two months in advance, and were given a time slot to arrive in on the day. We had to be there between 0700 - 0715 so it meant I had to get up at 5.30 am.

Upon arrival at the allotted time, we were greeted by an official who promptly told us that he had no record of us attending, and to wait "over there by the fence", in an almost deserted field, where we found Gavin in the same situation with his Austin...

So there we sat until John wiseman arrived with his Land Rover and another chap with a Jeep. Nothing subsequently happened for at least two hours - No other vehicles came or left except for service vehicles or funfair rides... Why did we have to be there so early then?

Next thing, Sainsbury's set up camp right next to us and promptly started a generator going, which we had to endure all day.

The final straw came when the coaches bringing the choirs were told to park in front of us - basically segregating the four of us from the event.

Colin arrived with his gun tractor and Peter Smith, who brought a beautiful matador, 25 pounder, and an impressive selection of weapons, luckily they were given a much better position in the field, and much interest was shown in them by the public.

I know that it's organised for a very good cause, but there's no way that I would attend again.

The Best question of the day (from an adult) ... "Is your lorry real ?"

Report By Roy Mitchell

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